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Cameraman Services

C3J Productions

Joseph Lawrence (C3J) is a genius in his field. He will be available for work all over the UK. If you have any camera work that needs implementing then C3J is your man. You can contact us at anytime and we will ensure that C3J gets the message.


C3J's Specialities

C3J Specialises in many things such as:- Dolly shots, tracking shots, focus pulling, positioning and much more. He has a lot of knowledge in this field and is magnificent in action. He aims to always get the best shots possible and will not rest until he is happy with what he has acheived.


C3J's Equiptment

C3J has thousands of pounds worth of equiptment. some of those being:- 

Blackmagic URSA mini Pro G2

DJI Mini 2 Drone

Rode NTG-2

He has bundle of equiptment for lighting and different shots, making his work look as crisp as possible.

Image by Alexander Dummer

C3J Drone footage


C3J Productions Showreel

C3J is also amazing at editing and is available for his services to be used. He uses Adobe Creative Cloud for his astonishing work. For more info about his skills his social media links will be down below.


C3J's Rate

Available Now

£200 Per Day


For £200 per day C3J will bring all tv and film ideas to life. To speak with him personally about his services and what he can provide for you his details are down below.